2 Apr 2010

Carp Cake #2

I was asked to make a cake for a lady who wanted to use it for "Guess the weight of the cake" at a Macmillan Fundraiser, where there will be a fishing compitition as a main event and wanted it to tie in with that.........so seeing I already did a fish cake the other week I wanted to do something a little different this time and opted for a more 3D one. The cake was being picked up at 6pm on Thursday and being taken to Brighton.

This I might add is my second attempt........I baked the cake(s) and and left them to settle for a day as always and then carved it, filled it, dowelled it, covered it with fondant, marked it with the scales.............then it broke in half ARHHHHHHHHH!!!! and it broke in a way I couldn't repair it!!!! so I, nearly in tears put the mixer on and started baking all over again, meanwhile my hubby is off to the shops buying more ingredients to make more (as this was a late order anyway) let the cakes go cold and start all over again..........and I don't like carving really fresh cake as it doesn't cut so smooth, but it worked thank god and finally finished this at 4.30 in the morning...........I was so tired, 2.5 hours sleep and up again!

I hope they like it after all that! lol! the guy who picked it up thought it was fantastic so...fingers crossed!

The cake measures

about 10 inches (L)

8 inches (H)

and about 4.5 inches (W)

Well after all that I have confirmation that everyone LOVED the cake!!!


LadybugLuggage said...

WOW, I am always amazed at your creations;)

Leisl said...

Wow what a story! But for all that the cake turned out amazing!

nickyjb said...

Thank you ladies!

Miss Val's Creations said...

I came across you blog through Flickr. Your work is amazing!