8 May 2010


I was asked to make WALL-E again,
I really think it is more difficult the second time around!
still enjoyed it all the same and so worth it when you see
the faces of the customers! :o)

This is a Chocolate, Vanilla layer cake
with buttercream...yum!
The wheels and Eyes are made from polystyrene
and covered in fondant.
Everything on this was handcut.....that's why I never went to bed last night
just worked all through the night.......soooo tired but glad I did!


SweetThingsTO said...

wow - awesome! yes, it is always hard to duplicate a cake. Yours turned out perfect!

Candy Apple said...

My husband is a Pixar animator, the one most responsible for Wall-e's personality. We think this is phenomenal!
Candace Apple & Victor Navone

nickyjb said...

SweetThingsTo...Thank you!

Candy Apple.........Well thank you!!!!!
That is one HUGE compliment! it's my son's favourite film and have lost count to how many times he has watched it......and still does now!
So great work by him too! :o)