22 Sep 2010

Cupcake Recipe

Click on the link below to download one of my basic cupcake recipes
 and please, while you are there take five minutes to look through the website

It's such a good cause!
Ali Stunt (the founder of the website) is a rare survivor of the disease
......one amazing lady!
and is doing everything to increase awareness to everyone,
not only the public but the medical community and the government also
The survival rate of this type of cancer is only 3% of which you will agree is a real eye opener!


Kae Lani said...

My mom absolutely loves your cakes. You are extremely talented with rolled fondant. That's so hard to work with! Completely flawless!

nickyjb said...

Thank you Kae Lani.......and also say thank you to your mom, I am so pleased yoou both like my work!