29 Sep 2010

Simple Domed Cupcakes

Will's going round to see his friend Harry after school today
and I was invited along for a coffee,
so it would be rude of me to turn up empty handed!
These are just my simple Vanilla cupcakes flavoured with
Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Vanilla Extract.
I get so excited everytime I reach for this fabulous flavour,
as soon as you open the bottle the aroma hits you,
sweet and rich with a hint of alcohol.........
ooooh....maybe that's what I am liking! LOL!!!
but seriously, for me, this is the best extract to buy!
The buttercream is left plain (not flavoured) but lots of it!
and covered with a circle of fondant.
Each cupcake has a single butterfly or blossom
with Pink/Purple tones.
Lets hope they like cake! lol!


Miss Val's Creations said...

Vanilla is my favorite as well. I love that we can purchase lotions and perfumes with this scent! Mmmmm! The cupcakes are so pretty!

Matt Nielsen said...

Hello Nicola! Thank you for the mention as one of your key ingredients. We sincerely appreciate it. I'm amazed at the beauty of work, especially with no formal training. Absolutely wonderful. Keep up the good work!

Best Regards,
Matt Nielsen
Nielsen-Massey Vanillas

nickyjb said...

Thank you Val!

Matt, you are very welcome, as I said, it is the best! thank you for the lovely comment too!

KatieV said...

Hi Nicky, beautiful cakes, as always! Can I ask please, where do you buy your vanilla extract from? Im dying to try it! Thanks.

nickyjb said...

Thanks KatieV, I usually buy it from Waitrose, but I am sure all good supermarkets sell it! or even look online for stockists!