18 Oct 2010

Double Chocolate Cupcakes

So........I know the photo isn't the best quality,
but lets face it, when the cupcakes taste really good
......who cares!!!
I made these from one of my cake recipes
and wanted to find out if they worked well as cupcakes!
the answer to that one is "OH YES!!!"
The dark chocolate sponge tastes really chocolatey
and yet so light in texture,
each one is covered in a thick layer of
chocolate glaze and when it's set it's still soft,
firm but soft!
and as for the taste, well.....my best yet!
sooo pleased with these!
Now all we have to do is eat them!
Oh my poor waistline!........tut, never mind lol!


Bakverk och Fikastunder said...

Really nice with the glaze on the top! I am a big fan of chocolate so I think I would love theese...

Sue said...

These look so yummy! That glaze on the top any recipe for that or is it top secret!

LadybugLuggage said...

Chocolate nirvana, life is fabulous. Thank you for sharing;)

nickyjb said...

Thank you!

Sue.....not really top secret but it is my own and I shall be keeping the recipe for my own use this time, well, I can't share everything can I!!! ;o)