5 Feb 2011

Ganache Covered Cake

As I have showed you some photo's of cupcakes
before I iced and decorated them,
I thought I would upload a cake which has been
covered with ganache.....
ready to be covered with sugarpaste/fondant.
I used to smooth the sides with a long spatular
which the results were good, but for me was a long process.
So I bought a side scraper, (which cost just a few pounds)
and at 5" long, it's just big enough for deep cakes too, as this cake is 5" deep.
It gives nearly perfect results and in very little time!
............wish I bought one ages ago! lol!
This particular cake is an order made for a
Birthday Celebration....... along with 50 cupcakes,
I shall post photo's later tonight of the decorated cakes,
I have done a version of this design before.....and it's one of my faves!
Thanks for looking!

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