10 Mar 2011

"Something New, Old & Rejected!"

Something new.....camera
something old....display cake
& something rejected.....sugar rose!

I have been dropping ridiculously large hints to my husband
about getting a new camera for my Birthday,
of which I might add is in July!
I told him I REALLY needed it before as I am trying to
get a portfolio together for my clients to view.
My old camera.......well camera phone was dying
and the quality wasn't good enough for the making of
a book/portfolio!
So my lovely hubby surprised me with one.
I am such a happy bunny
and feel slightly like a spoilt child!
I won't be asking for anything else for quite some time!
...........although I have a lens on my wish list
and I think I will be buying that one myself! LOL!!!!

I hope I don't bore you all too much with
lots of new photos!
I still  need to learn about all the settings
 as the centre of the rose isn't quite there
but extremely happy with the improved results!


Kristen said...

What a nice surprise!! :) We will definitely NOT be bored with your photos - can't wait to see more! Gorgeous picture, btw - I love the bling in the rose.

nickyjb said...

LOL! Thanks Kristen!
The rose was made as a trial run for a wedding cake I have just finished (it got collected yesterday morning), it came out the wrong colour and just wasn't happy with it but the other's were just right!
The customer wanted a bit of bling for her daughters cake so I suggested something just small in the centre (as above) as the cake had enough details already and she was very happy with it!

Camilla (Himmelske Kager) said...

Beautiful cake and flowers.