12 Feb 2012

Technics Turntable

So my son Turned 22 in November (yes, I am still on catch-up with my post here)
and I asked him what cake he would like,
seeing that he was coming down to visit us with his girlfriend!
and he asked for a Technics Turntable
.............sooo, that's what he got!
It was pretty simple to make, 
apart from the time it took to 
place each dot individually and then had to carefully paint them!
then about 2am (yes, still up making this)
I went to fix the arm to the turntable and it broke on 3 places!!
Not happy that I had to make it all over again and wait for it to dry
before I could try again!
.........at least I had 2-3 hours sleep! :o(
He loved it! thank goodness!
well, he wouldn't dare say he didn't! LOL!!!!

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