3 Jul 2012

First Batch of cakes in Germany

Well, we have been living in Germany for almost 4 weeks now!
I don't know where the time has gone!
I love it here! just got to get used to the language so I feel more confident
being out and about when someone starts talking to me lol!
but the locals all seem very friendly!

These little gems were made for my hubby's work colleagues
as I am using different ingredients so need to perfect the recipe.
Cupcakes are Zesty Lemon Sponge with Lemony Buttercream,
covered in a blanket of Pale Eucalyptus fondant and decorated with pastel pink blossoms.

Thanks for stopping by!


Susanne Madsen said...

Again so beautiful :)

Charlotte said...

They look beautiful! Really Elegant. I love the pale eucalyptus colour

SweetThingsTO said...

You husband's work colleagues must have been so pleasantly surprised! They are beautiful!

Natalie said...


Btw: I'm German! Where in Germany do you live now?

Anonymous said...

So beautiful!!