21 Sep 2012

Trainer Shoe Birthday Cake

This cake was made as a gift for the young girl next door
celebrating her 10th Birthday.

Back view of cake.

Close-up of details.
The board is designed to look like paving 
with some moss and a few daisies between the cracks.

Front view.

Cake is made of Chocolate sponge filled with Chocolate Ganache
and sitting on a 13" cake board.

Thanks for looking!



SweetThingsTO said...

Gorgeous and I love how you decorated the cakeboard.

Leah said...

Amazing attention to detail as always. I recently made adidas trainers as large cake toppers and getting all the little details is so difficult. I love your work, thanks for sharing!

The Confetti Team said...

Nicola, you champion baker
We wanted to swing-by and say
How much we love your website
And the gorgeous cakes on display

You’re a one-woman tour de force
When it comes to cake baking
We drool over your tasty blog
And our hearts never cease aching

Longing for your cupcake towers
Yearning for frosted icing
Dreaming of your wedding desserts
That we find undeniably enticing

Which is why we’re writing to you in poetic form
Our February Fourteenth sermon
“Gl├╝cklicher Valentinstag Frau Bremen”
Is what they’d say in German!

We love the way you approach each cake
As a unique creative conundrum
Reading your blogging exploits
Makes wedding planning far from humdrum

We’d like to extend our Confetti love
To your customers and readers
And to everyone who has worked with you
Your band of cookie-feeders!

We’re not sure if you’re aware that
“Small Things Iced” is an anagram
Of the name “Miss Candlelight”
We hold a flame for you, madame…

As you make people’s wedding days
That extra bit so sweet
We wanted to write these words
As a thankful Valentine’s treat

Next time you find yourself balancing
Fruity layers on ornamental tiers
Think of all the joy you’ve given
Over these many years

So have an extra special day
And be sure to spoil yourself rotten
Because your cake creation knows no bounds
And will never be forgotten!

Happy Valentines Day from The Confetti Team


Zarah R said...

woooow it looks SOO realistic!! You are sooo talented