14 Jan 2009

Black in Bloom

This is very simular to my "Cupcake in Bloom" design,
which I loved!
I went a little mad with the embossing, but hey!


Nada Handous said...

The only thing that usually comes out of my mouth when I see your work is 'WOW'!! Always stunning!!

Kristen said...

Absolutely gorgeous! :) Next on my list to try is embossing - do you use mats to emboss your flowers/cupcake tops? And the tops look like rolled fondant but I could be wrong - do you use rolled or poured for the tops?

nickyjb said...

Thank you so much Nada & Kristen, yes, I use embossing mats and rolled fondant, I have yet to try poured fondant....but I will!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, stunning work. Can I ask which mats you used as I can't find anything as intricate as these.