23 Jan 2009

Faerie Flowers Cupcake

Any little Tinkerbell fan would love this cupcake topped with sweet flowers
with faerie dust sprinkled all over. Unfortunately I didn't have any edable glitter,
only the Magic Sparkles Flakes,
so I ground them down a little and....
faerie dust!!!


Nada said...

OMG!!! I love the 'tinkerbell' cupcakes!! Warning you, I may just have to steal the idea for my niece's 8th b-day as she is a HUGE tinkerbell fan (hehe) :)
As always, beautiful work!

Cake Thoughts said...

Wow! All of your cupcakes are beautiful, but I LOVE these!
Sandee - Cake Thoughts

nickyjb said...

Nada, haha!! thank you & be my guest I hope she likes them!

Cake thoughts, Thank you very much!

Frost said...

omg i dont know where to start