21 Mar 2009

Cupcakes For Friends

Myself and Will are going to see friends, so our boys can go and play,

so I am going armed with cupcakes & wine...yum!

These are vanilla sponge cupcakes with buttercream and a circle of fondant,

decorated with a triple flower blossom, fondant swirls and silver balls!

After I had finished these I thought they would make lovely wedding cupcakes!

For the first time in ages I haven't usedb any lustre dust what so ever!!!


Frost said...

wow these look yummy how long did it take you to make these??????

lyndsay said...

purple power! gorgeous!

James ~n~ Amber said...

So pretty ! I think you've told me before, but homemade or pre-made fondant ? How did they taste ?

nickyjb said...

Thank you so much!

Frost, they took about and hour and a half to do 12, but I wasn't sure what design I was going to do and just experimented.

James n Amber, it's bought (pre-made) purple fondant, I just lightened the purple up with some pink fondant and darkened the other half with violet paste colour.

James ~n~ Amber said...

Thanks !!! I recently used the Satin Ice brand for my daughter's practice birthday cake, but I didn't taste it....isn't that terribel ??!!

Leisl said...

Hi, thanks for your comment!
I've been watching your blog for a while- your creations were so inspiring I started trying to make my own cupcakes too!

Your work is so great!

Cea said...

I love looovee this cute cupcakes! =)
I posted it in my blog so I could share your great culinary and artistic skills to my readers.
Hope to see more of it soon! ^_^