2 Mar 2011

Quick Medic Cupcakes

Some quick cupcakes made for my husband
to take into work
to share with the guy's.
I was going to make some with other
medical equipment on but just didn't have the time
so Swirls, red crosses and plasters had to do!
He was very happy with them
....and to be honest, I don't think he'd dare to complain! LOL!!!!


morgana said...

I love the band aids !!! They look so real that I don't know if I would dare to eat them. :S

Anonymous said...

Ahh, love the plasters!

Lora said...

Very cute. I want to make something similar for my husband's birthday in April. Very inspiring!

Lucy - Williams Hart Weddings said...

Ah, you are very clever to whip up quick cupcakes like this! I bet your husband (and his colleagues) was delighted! :)

nickyjb said...

Thank's guy's!
......and yes, they were very much appreciated!

SweetThingsTO said...