9 Jul 2011

Worms 3D Birthday Cake

Worms 3D Cake
Worms is my son's favourite playstation game,
he just can't get enough of these little characters!
Months ago Will's wanted me to make an R2D2 (Star Wars) cake as his Birthday cake,
then he changed it to Super Mario!
but knowing how much he loved worms
I asked him if he would prefer a Worms one instead........
he thought that that was the best idea EVER!!!!!

Needless to say Will's LOVES this cake
and now wants me to make these characters out of clay so he can keep and play with them!!!

Cake is a light vanilla sponge with rosewater buttercream,
all decorations are handcrafted and edible.


Golden Fish said...

О какие червячки!!! Я люблю в эту игру играть)))

♥ kimberley ♥ crumberley ♥ said...

Your son must be the envy of all his friends when his birthday comes around! Brilliant cake :)