25 Jul 2008

Father's Day Cakes

I was asked to make two Father's Day Cakes this year with the design left up to me, so I decided to go for the "Garden Theme". The first cake was chosen with a man mowing his lawn, because at the time the gent who the cake was for, was obsessed with his lawn looking flawless. So I made it with a comical element to it! The cake is an ordinary victoria sponge, filled and covered in buttercream, and left to dry (crust over) a little. Then the whole of the cake was covered in green fondant and again left to dry, ready for decoration. The second one was exactly the same cake just decorated differently! this one was for and older gentleman, so I made a garden bench with a newspaper sitting on it, and on the newspaper I had written (in a column) "Happy Father's Day! of which I thought was a nice touch!

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