25 Jul 2008

Laptop Cake

This is probably my favourite cake to date!
It was made for an 18th party, I wasn't sure how to make the screen, as this didn't have to be edible, but thanks to some of my Flickr friends (Egg Yol! & CakesByShara) they helped me out.
The cake it's self was (bottom layer) chocolate sheet cake covered with blue fondant, next layer (laptop part) was chocolate sheet cake covered with fondant and painted silver and then just decorated with the keyboard (which the keys were all cut out and painted separately) and things...such as mouse, cables, buttons, etc........... the ipod was a last minute addition, as I accidentally dented the front of the blue cake and needed something to conceal it (this was hidden by the earphones).
All in all, I was very, very pleased with the look of this cake.

1 comment:

Sweet Things said...

This laptop is great! I love you comment about "denting the front" and then having to make a last minute addition to hide it - I know I've done that! :-)